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On another matter…

After my initial tentative approach to blogging, over the last few years I have come to appreciate that personal, individual blogs are a really helpful medium for both the writer and (hopefully) the reader. But there is also immense value in a following (and contributing) to a blog that has regular, multiple and varied contributors who share a range of perspectives on a similar topic. One such blog that I can highly recommend is run by the University of Stirling’s ProPEL group – ProPEL Matters:

ProPEL Matters is the blog for ProPEL (Professional Practice, Education and Learning), a cross-disciplinary network of people interested in researching matters of interest across a wide range of occupational groups that call themselves ‘professions’.

I was recently asked to write a post for this blog on Actor-Network Theory (ANT) and my experiences of getting to grips with it. I decided to write about how one of the most enjoyable yet mind-bending challenges during my thesis work has been getting to grips with the powerful terms and vocabulary used in ANT. I’d be honoured if you would check it out at Metaphorically speaking: Word play in Actor Network Theory. Its a wee bit similar to my post If the shoe fits… but has a good go at integrating the use of metaphors in ANT. While you are on the site, please check out the rest of the fantastic posts! Happy browsing.


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Conference Alert!

I am very excited to announce that my research network, ProPEL, is hosting their Second International Conference, Professional Matters: materialities and virtualities of professional learning, next year at University of Stirling, 25-27 June 2014.

The key strength of the conference is its promotion of a multi-professional and interdisciplinary audience. Social work, teaching, nursing, police, social scientists, management, law, art – the range of professional disciplines is impressively represented. I know I am biased but last year’s conference was a huge success and I can honestly say those who attended raved about the community that gathered as well as the quality of presentations. Last year’s keynote speakers included Prof. Hilary Sommerlad, Prof. Julia Evetts and Prof. John Urry, who, although he gave a great talk about The Tourist Gaze, referred a little too much about the end of the world for my liking and left me in need of more than just a whiskey ‘tasting’ that evening…captivating nonetheless!

In June 2014, we are proud to announce as our keynotes:

  • Professor Yrjö Engeström
  • Dr Beverly Metcalfe
  • Professor Mats Alvesson

Check out the call for abstracts and the conference theme – abstracts are due November this year, so plenty of time to have a mull over what to submit this summer…

Hope to see you there!

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