About this blog

An office dog. I really want one. I’d call him Jimmy and he’d let lie at my feet underneath my desk, one ear raised to catch my mumblings as I try to reach 10,000 words by 5pm.  He’d jump up and stretch when he needed a break from his tiring day as dog, allowing me a guilt-free break from my laptop. He’d lean against me when I needed some reassurance (at least that’s how I’d interpret it).

But the thing is, I don’t really have an office. And, last time I checked, I definitely don’t have the wherewithal to look after a dog.

For all intents and purposes, this blog is my office dog. To catch my falling mutterings as I get to grips with what it is to do a PhD at a UK university these days, to accompany me on my meandering (and in the end, sprint) to my thesis deadline, and maybe, if I’m lucky, give me some feedback as to how I’m doing out there.

And I’ll save a fortune in vet bills.

theofficedog blog will discuss research in Higher Education, workplace learning and professional practice, and explore sociomaterial sensibilities, actor-network theory conundrums, assessment and feedback issues, and my musings about what it is to be a PhD student in today’s world.


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